Alarming Increase in Targeted Attacks Aimed at Politically Motivated Sabotage and Subversion

 |  Monday, 08 May 2017 09:40  |  Published in FEATURES

Kuala Lumpur, May 5 – According to Symantec’s (Nasdaq: SYMC) Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Volume 22, released today, cyber criminals revealed new levels of ambition.

“New sophistication and innovation are the nature of the threat landscape, but this year Symantec has identified seismic shifts in motivation and focus,” said the Director of Systems Engineering, David Rajoo. 

F-Secure Introduces Radar

 |  Wednesday, 26 April 2017 15:38  |  Published in FEATURES

Kuala Lumpur, April 26 - While there is no 100% protection, one could actually stay pretty safe just by not being such an easy target. This is true not just for that stroll down a quiet street, preventing home burglaries, and cyber security.

In today's world where everything is connected, everything can be hacked. Attacks are growing both in volume and complexity. For example, it could take tens of decades or more to decrypt files encrypted by some ransomware even with all the computing power in the world were dedicated to that task.

Global Trade: Trade First! (Avoiding An Own Goal)

 |  Thursday, 20 April 2017 10:12  |  Published in FEATURES

Kuala Lumpur, April 20 – US President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy is not unique; protectionism has crept up since the 2008-09 global financial crisis as G20 countries have stealthily ramped up measures against each other and governments have exhorted citizens to buy local products.

However, Trump’s stance signals a watershed for global trade. Before the US elections, G20 countries were officially and firmly anti-protectionist. However, President Trump’s ‘America First’ policies led the G20 to drop its anti-protectionism commitment in its March communiqué. Other countries are likely to watch the US closely, ready to react, fuelling fears of an all-out global trade war.

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